Racing Sculls, Pairs & Doubles

Burgashell boats are synonymous with long life and durability, and now we can offer boats that lead their class in weight, stiffness and finish. Our unique Gel-Coat technology means none of the paint chips you expect from other manufacturers, and you can be sure that our UK made boats come free with the best in customer service and backup.

Weight Ranges

Flyweight (FL): 45-57kg
Lightweight (LW): 55-76kg
Midweight (MW): 65-87kg
Heavyweight (HW): 75-95kg


reduced carbon content for lowest cost, where economy is paramount. White hull & canvases only, you can choose the trim colour. Neaves riggers.

Standard Carbon
Our most popular range, these boats have reduced weight by use of carbon where possible, and feature high stiffness. Ideal as mid and high level club boats. Your choice of hull, interior & canvas colour, and you can add custom chevrons.

Super Carbon
Our top class boat, to satisfy the most demanding of rowers. This is an ideal type for ambitious clubs and rowers, and those who demand the best from their equipment. Comes in your choice of colours and chevrons.

Racing Scull

Empacher hull shapes built with our unique four piece construction produces a boat high in stiffness and high durability. just look in any club in the country to see a Burgashell scull, but recent improvements mean your next Burgashell will be a joy to behold - and now!

Available in FL, LW, MW, HW

Racing Coxless Pair/Double

Available in LW, MW, HW

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